Includes a special certificate and locket of baby’s hair

    We are a modern, fun, green hair salon for babies, toddlers, + pre-teens.
    We take our time in hiring patient, kind and friendly stylists!

    Current Specials:

    We are now OPEN 7-DAYS/WEEK + until 7:00PM on WED and FRI to serve you better!

    “I love that the kids will ask to get their hair cut just to come back here. Wonderful experience!”

    – Afifa C.

    “It’s a great place and business. The customer service is fantastic!”

    – Gabby S.

    “My little nugget has been getting his hair cut for over a year and this was by far the smoothest experience for him and the parents.”

    – Nadia L.

    “In a regular, non-child oriented salon, I don’t think my child would be as well behaved as she was here. Having special seats to sit in, TV to watch, and playroom are what we need.”

    – Kim H.

    “Employees go above and beyond to make the whole haircut experience a great one!”

    – Jennifer Z.

    “Stylists listen to how you want your child’s hair cut. I like the new pricing, too.”

    – Sandra K.

    “You really went the extra mile with my son who was fighting the haircut, but also listened to me (mom) and what I wanted. Loved it!”

    – Laura S.

    “The staff was very friendly and my kids loved it there! They definitely want to go back. Nice job!”

    – Kim B.

    “Definitely a place where kids are comfortable and top priority.”

    – Janine M.

    “You give a great haircut, but also manage to keep my toddler happy in the process.”

    – Lauren D.

    “Made my kids feel like a million bucks. Fun atmosphere, good hair cut and great customer service.”

    – Donna C.

    “The people are friendly, the atmosphere is lively, and I love all the little details.”

    – Samantha B.

    “Stylist did a great job with my daughter, was very patient and kind. Salon is adorable!”

    – Pam O.

    “I was super impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail shown by your staff.”

    – Lawrence Y.

    “This place is totally sleek, eco-conscious and family friendly.”

    – Yen A.

    “The stylists are professional and fast- a necessary combination when dealing with little ones.”

    – Griffin R.

    “Fast, online scheduling for a specific time, kid friendly tv programs, patient stylists.”

    – Cheryl B.

    “My son has fine blond hair and often ends up with a not so great haircut.  We couldn’t be more happy with his cut.”

    – Shawna J.

    “Very thankful to be able to come and count on a great service.  Thank you for the way you provide care.”

    – Beverly H.

    “zoey and joey is a life saver. The staff is extremely nice and professional and space is incredibly kid friendly.”

    – Lauren S.

    “zoey + joey Children’s Studio is so bright and cheerful, stylish and fun.”

    – Hilary N.

    “I love the boutique-feel, contemporary decorated salon — this is a rarity for a children’s place – we will return soon!”

    – Alice C.

    “Thank you zoey + joey for making my daughter’s 6th birthday one that she will always remember!”

    – Alissa L.

    “First visit yesterday & couldn’t be happier! The staff are truly gifted/patient in dealing with kids & provided a very professional looking cut…!”

    – Jeanette H.

    Our Services

      Haircare for All Ages

      Haircare for All Ages

      From baby’s first haircut to toddler, teen, and adult. We have mini-coopers for young kids with child-friendly shows; we have sports or teen shows in our teen salon, with video games! Coffee for Mom and Dad, a chance to sit down and relax. Come try our amazing slide, too!

      Mini Manicures

      Mini Manicures

      For our little ladies we have mini-manicures, using only non-toxic nail polish, which comes in 28 fun and trendy colors. Get your hands and nails cleaned, a mini-massage with your choice of Keeki Pure and Simple lotion, and pick your favorite nailpolish color! All while relaxing in our girly mini-mani corner of the salon (Age limit 12, please).

      Schedule Your Appointment

      Schedule Your Appointment

      To schedule an appointment you can give us a call, 734.975.9400. We also have online scheduling available, which can be downloaded as an app for your phone, too! Please click here to make your appointment online.