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Zoey + Joey studio imageIlze was a stay-at-home mom in Ann Arbor when she discovered there wasn’t a special place to take her children for a kid’s haircut in this very kid-centered city. (Aha!) She created zoey and joey, a very special kids hair salon, after extensively researching the children’s hair franchise industry and deciding that it wasn’t for her.

Our goal is to make your child’s haircut experience a great one. We provide a play space and child-friendly entertainment to keep them occupied during their cut. And, our stylists are patient and attentive, eager to work with children of all ages.  We know that kids haircuts can be stressful, so we try to make it as easy as possible.

We specialize in baby’s first haircut, toddler haircuts, pre-teen and teen haircuts.  Our teen salon is  a separate space, where pre-teens and teens can enjoy themselves.  Teens can sip hot chocolate while playing the latest games on PlayStation 3.  Teen girls can also get mini-manis together with their friends.

Zoey and joey Ann Arbor is not only a fun place for kids, it’s a special place for moms and dads, too. At zoey and joey, Mom or Dad can grab a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate and kick their feet up on one of our comfortable chairs or benches during their child’s haircut.

We care about the environment, and strive to use and sell only environmentally-friendly and organic products in our store.

We hope you enjoy your experience at zoey and joey, because kids hair is what we do!

Ilze with her children, Teddy + Grieta


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